Meet Justin

Putting People First

“For the past 3 years, I have worked hard to deliver real results for District F residents. Despite setbacks from COVID-19, our community remains resilient, prosperous, and thriving. With your support, I'll continue working to make Clark County the best place to live, work and play.”

Justin is a public servant that has demonstrated he can represent all of District F, both the growth in our urban neighborhood and protecting our rural communities. He has been a pleasure to work with at the Spring Valley Town Board and consistently puts his constituents first while valuing District F’s diverse communities.

Yvette Williams

Spring Valley Town Board

As the new owners of Pioneer Saloon, Commissioner Jones and his team helped us tremendously with navigating a very complex ownership transition involving a 109-year-old business, bringing the business back from the depths of the global pandemic, and now doing record numbers with a future that looks brighter than ever. Justin has become a friend and he is an avid supporter of our business and we are proud to support him.

Stephen Staats & Stephanie Richter

Pioneer Saloon

Justin has been a tireless advocate for the houseless community in Southern Nevada. By pushing for more affordable housing units to making sure all houseless folks have access to proper care, he’s been at the forefront in ending homelessness in our city.

Nathaniel Waugh

Homeless Advocate

Commissioner Jones has been an ally to the Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern community in Las Vegas. Representing Chinatown, he has consistently shown up for our community, especially with the rise of AAPI hate crimes nationally. As a constituent, I am proud to endorse Commissioner Justin Jones for reelection.

Craig Valdez

AAPI Advocate

On the Planning Commission, I have seen first-hand Justin’s commitment to listening to the voices and concerns of his constituents in District F. He has been a great asset to Clark County and a superb public servant, and I’m proud to endorse Justin Jones for re-election!

Duy Nguyen

Planning Commission

Justin has been a key leader in our state fighting to protect our environment in his role as County Commissioner. He led the Commission to pass a resolution to conserve 30 percent of Nevada’s lands and waters by the year 2030 in response to scientific recommendations to address the current extinction, climate, and biodiversity crisis. As a constituent of District F, and as an environmentalist, I’m proud to support Justin in his reelection!

Angelyn Tabalba

Climate Advocate

Justin has been a tireless champion for small businesses in Clark County. He fought to get money in the hands of small business owners during the pandemic and always makes himself accessible to minority-owned businesses.

Peter Guzman

Small Business Advocate